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Gov Law

Archived Issues of GLM’s Gov Law Publication.

Gov Law is a past publication by GLM attorneys that focuses on Municipal Law.

For more information regarding our Municipal practice and the attorneys specializing in it, please visit our Municipal Law Practice Page.


Date Title
February 2018 “Substantial” Compliance with Notice Provision in MCL 691.1404 is Insufficient
September 2017 Government Employee’s Complaints about Nepotism/Improper Hiring Practices in Township Are Protected Speech under the First Amendment
February 2017 Discrimination Based On Religion Impermissible Under The Elliott Larson Civil Rights Act
January 2017 House Bill 4686 Became Public Act 419 of 2016 Allowing Municipalities to Assert the Open and Obvious Danger Doctrine
September 2016 Notice To Municipalities: Beware Of Unconstitutionally Vague Noise Ordinances
January 2015 Firefighter’s Rule
March 2014 Michigan’s Anti-Begging Statute Held Unconstitutional
August 2013 A Police Chief Is A Police Chief By Any Other Name
March 2013 Tax Help!!
January 2013 New Gov Publication
May 2010 Announcing New Indiana Office
September 2009 Proprietary Function Exception
April 2009 Public Building Exception
February 2009 Motor Vehicle Exception
November 2008 The Highway Exception – Statutory Provisions
August 2008 AUGUST 2008 – GOVERNMENT LAW
June 2008 The Open Meetings Act
February 2008 Municipal Liability: Your Keys To Success
November 2007 ‘Tis The Season…
October 2007 School’s In – Liability Claims To Follow
July 2007 Campaign Reminders
May 2007 So You’ve Been Sued . . .
April 2007 Alternative Dispute Resolution
March 2007 The Open Meetings Act
January 2007 MUNICIPAL LAW UPDATE, New Law Protects Garrity Statements
December 2006 ‘Tis The Season…, When Are “No Contest” Pleas Admissible In Civil Litigation?
September 2006 Covering Your Assets, E-Mail Communications And The Open Meetings Act, Fourth Amendment Search & Seizure
August 2006 School’s In – Liability Claims To Follow, Municipal Law Update
July 2006 Protections Afforded To “High Ranking Public Officials”, Legal Update, Those Pesky Licensing Agreements: A Cautionary Tale
June 2006 Supreme Court Widens The Road To Immunity In Highway Cases; The Public Building Exception
May 2006 Municipal Law Update; Court of Appeals Gives More Protection to Municipalities in Sewer Backup Cases
April 2006 Record Retention & Management; Legal Update
March 2006 Open Meetings; Governmental Immunity Protects Firefighter / Paramedics
February 2006 Township And Firefighter Immune From Liability In Deadly Fire; Garrity Protects Officers Against Self-Incrimination During An Internal Investigation…. Sometimes
January 2006 Patronage Dismissals: When Are They Constitutional?
December 2005 Supreme Court Decision Affirms And Strengthens Authority On Zoning
November 2005 ‘Tis The Season…; Got A Naughty Plaintiff? Consider The Wrongful Conduct Doctrine
October 2005 Campaign Reminders; Sixth Circuit Holds Attorney-Client Privilege Can Be Invoked By Municipality And Cannot Be Waived By Employee; Is There Really A “Highway Exception” To Governmental Immunity?
September 2005 Can Municipalities Collect Money For Providing Emergency Services?; 6th Circuit Relieves Municipalities And States From Portion Of Family Medical Leave Act
August 2005 Appealing Possibilities; Maybe It’s Time To Review Your Employee Handbook!
July 2005 In Memoriam; School’s Out – The Court’s Term Is Not Far Behind; Supreme Court Allows Harassment Claim Against Employee
June 2005 Highway Exception: Design Defect Or Failure To Maintain/Repair?; Practice Pointers
May 2005 Environmental Insurance: A Tool in Redeveloping Brownfields; Local Parking Ordinances and their Enforceability as to Disabled Individuals
April 2005 On the Road The Law and Municipal Vehicles Part II