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Workers’ Disability & Compensation

Workers’ Disability & Compensation

With few exceptions, employers must provide their employees with health and wage loss insurance coverage for work place injuries. The cost of employer-purchased coverage is tied to past claims history. It is critical to create a plan for handling employee claims. Such plans can be developed with the assistance of the attorneys of Garan Lucow Miller, PC.

When a claim results in the need for Counsel to defend the claim, the Workers’ Compensation Practice Group at Garan Lucow Miller, PC brings the skills and experience necessary to efficiently move the case to resolution or to trial. Each member of the practice group is thoroughly versed in the law and the medicine of work-place injuries.

Garan Lucow Miller, PC pro-actively defends such claims, incorporating team conferences with the insurers and employers. Throughout Michigan, and most recently in Indiana and Illinois, your Garan Lucow Miller, PC attorney has handled suspect workers’ compensation claims, class actions and recovery actions from responsible third parties and higher priority insurance carriers.

Quality educational seminars for employer, industry and insurers are hallmarks of Garan Lucow Miller. We frequently provide such seminars to our clients in the areas of employer rights, the interaction of workers’ compensation laws and liabilities under federal and state employment law, the interplay between workers’ compensation and No-Fault law/Comparative Fault law, as well as state and federal medical recovery and set-aside strategies.

Garan Lucow Miller, PC invites you to explore the biographies of its Workers’ Compensation Law Practice Group’ and welcomes the opportunity to be of service.

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