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No-Fault & Automobile Negligence

No-Fault & Automobile Negligence

The No-Fault and Automobile Negligence Practice Group is comprised of attorneys skilled in litigating and advising clients on all aspects of injury claims arising out of the Michigan No-Fault Act, and the comparative fault laws of Indiana and Illinois. Our experienced attorneys and support staff thoroughly investigate such claims, and, when necessary, consult with qualified independent physicians, engineers, and other experts in necessary disciplines for the multitudes of injury claims that give rise to disputes and litigation.

For more than 60 years, Garan Lucow Miller, PC has provided its clients with high quality and effective representation before Michigan state courts, federal courts, and arbitration bodies, Our attorneys are recognized throughout the region as the foremost experts in the Michigan No-Fault Act. In that same tradition, Garan Lucow Miller attorneys also regularly provide current advice and formal representation regarding all aspects of the Michigan No-Fault Act. Most recently, with the opening of our Indiana office, we provide the same quality representation in the States of Indiana and Illinois regarding all aspects of comparative fault in automobile negligence claims.

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