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Insurance Defense & Coverage Analysis

Insurance Defense & Coverage Analysis

Since 1948, Garan Lucow Miller, P.C. has been at the forefront of insurance law in the State of Michigan. No firm in the State of Michigan matches the breadth of our expertise in every area of insurance law. Our knowledge is not limited to only one or two areas of insurance in the Great Lakes Region. We have been involved in almost every type of conflict related to the insurance industry. This encompasses claims under the most complex commercial and environmental policies to those claims simply seeking payment for damage to an automobile. Just some of the areas of Insurance Law that we have mastered include:

In addition to defense litigation, Garan Lucow Miller attorneys have drafted policies of insurance and changes to existing policies, provided advice and opinions on matters not in suit, and have mediated disputes. When the matter does get to litigation, no other firm is better suited to represent the needs of the insurance carrier or its insureds than Garan Lucow Miller. Each of our ten offices is staffed with top level attorneys who know the local judges and attorneys. Furthermore, our Appellate Department is unmatched in their success on insurance-related appeals.

Please see our Appellate Law description for a listing of some of our successes. One of the hallmarks of Garan Lucow Miller is our constant efforts to educate our clients on the law. We publish and continue to update the two most authoritative manuals in the state: Automobile No-Fault Manual and Michigan Automobile Insurance Manual. These easy-to-read reference manuals have become some of the most sought after periodicals in their subject areas and they are used by judges, attorneys and clients alike. An industry first and one-of-a-kind newsletter, LawFax, is constantly used to keep our clients apprised of the most current trends, decisions, statutes or other news affecting the insurance industry in the State of Michigan.

Please see our “Firm’s Publications” for recent issues of LawFax. We also emphasize that one of the best ways to educate our clients on Michigan insurance law is to provide seminars. On a regular basis, attorneys from Garan Lucow Miller travel to insurers, both in the state and out of state, to provide informational sessions to our clients on current trends in Michigan insurance law. Also, we conduct free legal seminars throughout the United States as an additional method of educating our clients. Watch our Web site for “Upcoming Seminars.” Please contact any of our offices and we would be glad to discuss our ability to assist you on your legal matters.

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