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First Party Property Insurance Law

First Party Property Insurance Law

Resolving disputes between an insured and the carrier requires recognition of the delicate balance between the rights of the insurer and the insured, based primarily on the language of the policy of insurance, the laws promulgated by the State legislature, and the interpretation of the policy and law by the Courts of the respective jurisdiction. When a commercial, industrial, automotive or residential claim is reported involving any one of numerous occurrences, a insurer must act quickly, while considering coverage, preservation, valuation, subrogation, misrepresentation and fraud. Participation by attorneys of Garan Lucow Miller, PC First Party Property Insurance Law Practice Group in the investigation stage aids insurance carriers in protecting claims information and deliberations from immediate disclosure if the claim proceeds to litigation.

Determining what experts are needed, coordinating the investigation, preserving the scene/evidence and avoiding spoliation is critical to maintaining certain defenses, subrogation claims and claims dispute resolution options. Garan Lucow Miller, PC attorneys also provide coverage opinions, handle declaratory action suits, Examinations Under Oath, coordination of loss investigations, assist in appraisals, defense of fraudulent and claims misrepresentations, and direct actions on the policy, and appeals when necessary.

For over 60 years, Garan Lucow Miller attorneys have provided skilled, experienced representation and specialized knowledge in fire, explosions, collapse, theft, water & wind damage claims. Our experiences has benefited insurance carriers, allowing them to make early assessments for coverage, arson, fraud and subrogation potential, when decisions need to be made quickly, correctly and efficiently. Most recently, with the opening of our Indiana office, we bring that skill and experience to bear for our clients in Indiana and Illinois.

The attorneys of the First Party Property Insurance Law Practice Group welcome you to contact them for more information on how Garan Lucow Miller, PC may assist you regarding property claims matters. We stand ready to be of assistance, and look forward to doing so.

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