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Fire, Property, Subrogation & Indemnification Law

Fire, Property, Subrogation & Indemnification Law

Recovery by subrogation and indemnification lies at the bottom of many property and personal injury claims involving mechanical, electrical, construction, environmental and transportation losses. Once on notice of the loss, the potential for asserting a recovery claim must be recognized from the outset. Protecting the scene and the claims file by involvement of legal counsel aides in the protection of claims information from production during any ensuing litigation. Determining what experts are needed, coordinating the investigation, preserving the scene/evidence and avoiding spoliation is critical to maintaining a viable subrogation or indemnification claim.

Garan Lucow Miller, PC attorneys provide 24 hour response teams to go directly to the loss scene to assist the insureds with statements, interview witnesses and assess recovery potential. Our experienced litigators have a specialized knowledge in fire, explosions, collapse, construction, transportation and environmental matters which benefit insurance carriers maximize the recovery of claims paid.

The attorneys of the Subrogation and Indemnification Law Practice Group practice stand at the ready for your call across Michigan, Indiana and greater Chicago area.

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