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Support Analyst

General Position Description

Primary responsibility is to ensure effective use of information systems through prompt and courteous handling of requests for assistance, and training of staff. Sets up new users and computers. Handles requests for assistance with Word, Excel, and various systems and hardware. Assists in client-related tasks as necessary.

Detailed Responsibilities

  1. Handles requests for assistance in person, or on the phone in a professional and courteous manner.
  2. Monitors general Help Desk email box for incoming requests and handles requests in a professional and courteous manner.
  3. Participates in end-user education and training to ensure effective use of Information Systems resources, both in classroom and one-on-one settings.
  4. Coordinates problem resolution of printers in the Detroit office, and requests outside repair assistance as necessary.
  5. Handles staff adds, moves and changes on all systems as assigned. Coordinates same with Human Resources Manager.
  6. Reports potential issues that may degrade system performance and reliability, and any violations of Firm-wide or departmental policies, to the I.S. Manager whenever they cannot be immediately resolved.
  7. Sets up new computers according to established procedures.
  8. Periodically schedules and visits assigned remote offices to ensure their needs are being meet and that systems are maintained, current versions of software are being used, patches applied, etc. at such locations.
  9. Maintains departmental standards for call response, and documents same according to departmental standards.
  10. Maintains inventory of printer toner used in Detroit office.
  11. Periodically assists attorneys and staff with client-related technical issues, such as file format conversions, downloading videos from social media, and analyzing surveillance videos.

Working Conditions and Work Week

The Firm provides all tools required to do the job as outlined. Individual office space is provided, and is accessible only to other I.S. staff members due to the sensitivity, security and value of assets managed by the department. The position entails lifting and moving of PCs and monitors periodically.

This is a salaried position with a 40-hour work week, Monday through Friday, which includes 60 minutes for lunch daily. Normal work hours are coordinated with the I.S. Manager to ensure adequate coverage is provided for the Firm, and changes to the standard schedule are coordinated with the I.S. Manager in advance. Analyst should remain available and approachable during normal business hours unless scheduled in advance. All time away during the day, including lunch, should be coordinated with other I.S. staff to ensure coverage is provided to the extent feasible. System enhancements, installations and problem resolution may require periodic changes in schedule. Some monitoring of HelpDesk after hours is required on occasion (call frequency is rare).

Due to the confidential nature of the Firm’s work and the frequent presence of clients and others on-site, the Analyst must strive to maintain confidentiality, a low-key demeanor, and approach the position in a highly professional manner.
Periodic limited travel within the state of Michigan is required and is compensated for mileage. Travel expenses should be kept to a minimum to the extent feasible. Site visits should be scheduled in advance with the I.S. Manager.

Skills & Qualifications