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Legal Talk

Legal Talk

July 2022

BODILY INJURY (BI) CHANGES REVISITED - In Episode 25, Charlie Harrison and Joe Conte discuss how the new laws have affected BI litigation and...

Legal Talk

May 2022

ONE YEAR BACK RULE, REVISITING THE NO-FAULT AMENDMENTS - In Episode 24, Kristi Trigg-Johnson and Bryan Valentine discuss The Amended One...

Legal Talk

November 2021

EPISODE 23: PROVIDER ASSIGNMENTS AND FIRST PARTY SETTLEMENTS - Nicholas Caponigro and David Klein discuss the effects of pre-settlement provider...

Legal Talk

August 2021

EPISODE 22: THE END OF THE PRIORITY WAR - Christian Huffman and Stacey King discuss the end of the priority war. Two of the many changes in...

Legal Talk

July 2021

EPISODE 21: TOLLING AND LIMITATIONS PERIODS DURING COVID-19 - Dan Keith and Fiona Heady discuss the emergency extension of filing deadlines...

Legal Talk

June 2021

DIRECT CAUSES OF ACTION FOR PROVIDERS - In Episode 20, Bryan Valentine and Tara Velting discuss the new headaches associated with Providers...

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