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Law Fax

Law Fax Volume XXXI

No. 12

Court Of Appeals Holds Assignments In a Pre-Treatment Registration Form Void - The Court of Appeals has now clarified that an assignment of...

Caryn A. Ford

By Caryn A. Ford

Jun 27, 2019

Law Fax Volume XXXI

No. 11

Survivor's Loss Pip Benefits Include Replacement Cost Of Medical And Dental Insurance...

Alexander Heritier

By Alexander Heritier

Jun 24, 2019

Law Fax Volume XXXI

No. 10

Court of Appeals Rejects Plaintiff's Argument That PIP Insurer Should Have Known He Moved To...

Melissa N. Mead

By Melissa N. Mead

Jun 18, 2019

Law Fax Volume XXXI

No. 9

No-Fault Act Reform Abrogates Recent Published Court Of Appeals Decision: When the Court of Appeals issued its decision in Bazzi v Sentinel Ins...

Christian Huffman

By Christian Huffman

May 31, 2019

Law Fax Volume XXXI

No. 8

Governor And Republicans Announce Deal To Reform No-Fault...

Berton K. May

By Berton K. May

May 24, 2019

Law Fax Volume XXXI

No. 7

“That Is Not The Threshold”: Court Of Appeals Holds That Effect On A Plaintiff’s General Ability To Lead Her Normal Life Need Not “Last...

Lauren A. Saad

By Lauren A. Saad

May 23, 2019

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