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MCL 500.3145 - Formal Denials: The Revised One-Year Back Rule - MCL 500.3145 sets forth a period of limitations for bringing a claim for PIP...

Bryan Valentine

By Bryan Valentine

Aug 22, 2019

Law Fax Volume XXXI

No. 18

"Somewhat Distinguishable": Court Of Appeals Avoids Binding Precedent To Hold That ATV Crash Arose Out Of The Use Of A Motor Vehicle - The Court...

Lauren A. Saad

By Lauren A. Saad

Aug 20, 2019

Law Fax Volume XXXI

No. 17

Court Of Appeals Rejects Creative Standing Arguments By Provider Plaintiff - The Michigan Court of Appeals recent unpublished decision in Oaklawn...

Charles A. Harrison, III

By Charles A. Harrison, III

Aug 16, 2019

Law Fax Volume


NO-FAULT REFORM SERIES - MCL 500.3114 & MCL 500.3115 - Changes To The No-Fault Priority Rules - The Michigan legislature has recently enacted...

Zachary M. Zurek

By Zachary M. Zurek

Aug 15, 2019

Law Fax Volume


NO-FAULT REFORM SERIES - MCL 500.3112 - Providers Now Have A Direct Cause Of Action - Before the recent amendments to Michigan's no-fault act, a...

Kathryn L. Burkhart

By Kathryn L. Burkhart

Aug 08, 2019

Law Fax Volume XXXI

No. 16

PIP Insurers Must Demonstrate Good Cause To Obtain A Qualified Protective Order: In a recent unpublished decision the Michigan Court of Appeals held...

Thamara Sordo-Vieira

By Thamara Sordo-Vieira

Aug 07, 2019

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