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Law Fax Volume XXXI

No. 22

Court of Appeals Clarifies Notice Requirements for Claims to MAIPF/MACP - In the published decision in Spectrum Health Hospitals v. MACP, MAIPF, &...

Alexander Heritier

By Alexander Heritier

Oct 03, 2019

Law Fax Volume XXXI

No. 21

Court of Appeals Addresses Who Is an Insured and Who Has an Insurable Interest - The Michigan Court of Appeals recently released an unpublished split...

Robert D. Goldstein

By Robert D. Goldstein

Sep 30, 2019

Law Fax Volume XXXI

No. 20

Court of Appeals Holds That a Notice of Cancellation for Nonpayment Is Invalid When Sent Before the Premium Payment Is Due - In a published...

Caryn A. Ford

By Caryn A. Ford

Sep 16, 2019

Law Fax Volume


NO FAULT REFORM SERIES - MCL 500.3111 & MCL 500.3163 - Out-Of-State Accidents & Out-Of-State Residents - The recent changes to the Michigan No-Fault...

Emily L. Partridge

By Emily L. Partridge

Sep 12, 2019

Law Fax Volume XXXI

No. 19

Court Of Appeals Addresses Coordination Between No-Fault and ERISA Plan Coverages - In two opinions this year (so far), the Michigan Court of Appeals...

Robert L. Goldenbogen

By Robert L. Goldenbogen

Sep 10, 2019

Law Fax Volume


NO-FAULT REFORM SERIES - MCL 500.3135 - Higher Damage Exposure Shifts Back To Tort Liability For The First Time In Nearly Fifty Years - For decades,...

Samantha Orvis

By Samantha Orvis

Sep 05, 2019

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