Medical Billing Litigation


Question 1:  What Bill Review company do you use?
A. CorVel

B. MedAudit

C. Mitchell

D. ReviewWorks

E. Other (e.g. Rising, Brown, Internal review)

Question 2:  Answering deposition questions about the bill review process…

A. is just like answering any other deposition question

B. makes me a little nervous because I don’t really know that much about the bill review process

C. is incredibly nerve wracking because I don’t know anything about the bill review process. I rely on the bill review company.


Question 3:  What does Multi Plan mean to you?

A. the claimant has a coordinated policy

B. the insured has other health insurance

C. there is a PPO network affiliated with the provider


Question 4:  What is an EOB?
A. I have no idea

B. It is the document we get that shows a provider billed the claimant’s primary health insurance company

C. It is just the receipt we get when a medical bill is paid

D. It is a document that identifies the CPT codes, reason codes, charges, reductions, and payment, amount among other things

Question 5:  How many times have you reviewed an Explanation of Benefits or Explanation of Review/Reimbursement and actually obtained any useful information from it?

A. 0-3

B. 3-5

C. 5-10

D. More than 10