Author(s): Bobbe Taber, Linda Junkins

What is your resolution this year? We hope you resolve to laugh more, Studies continue to show that people with better social relationships are more likely to live longer and recover more quickly from sickness, Laughter is a vital part of all good relationships and helps bond us together.

Laugher has many health benefits. Laughing…

  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Stimulates the organs with oxygen-rich air, improving memory and heart function
  • Relieves stress, then decreases heart rate, blood pressure and rate of breath
  • Soothes tension and stomachaches as it eases digestion and stimulates circulation · improves the immune system by releasing neuropeptldes to fight stress
  • Relieves pain as the body releases endorphins, natural pain killers
  • Helps relieve constipation, no joke!
  • Increases personal satisfaction as difficult situations become easier to bare

- By Bobbe Taber

lf you are looking for ways to laugh more in your relationship, look no further:

  1. Laugh together tor 5 · 10 minutes each morning.
  2. Seek out the humor in serious situations.
  3. Consciously smile at each other more.
  4. Take turns being responsible for the humorous thought ot the day.
  5. Giggle together right before going to sleep.
  6. Have a laughter match to see who can laugh loudest and longest.
  7. Echo each others laugh. Laugh each time your partner laughs.
  8. Count the number ot times you laugh each day, Compete and share them.
  9. List positive things that happened each day and read the lists to each other.
  10. Play together one hour a week. Examples; sing, dance, race each other. give exaggerated hugs, count smiling faces.

- By linda Junkins,

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