By: Jonathan Mitchell

The dedication of this book says it all.  This book is dedicated to every kid trapped in a divorced home.  Don’t give up!

 The book is written by a sensitive man, a child of divorce, about the feelings of all the kids of divorce and how life changes.  It is written for kids and should be read by them, but, more importantly, should be read by all divorcing parents.  He shares some of the things kids hate about having divorced parents:

1. Holidays suck.  They change forever.  These are no longer Hallmark moments!

2. Always late.  Single parents are always too busy to put you first and they are always late to pick you up on time.

3. Financial Disaster for both parents and the kids, as both parents feel that they got “screwed.”

4. Vacations are non-existent and especially awful if you go and your parent brings their “special friend.”  YUCK!

5. You live in a house – home is gone.  Condos, trailers, apartments–it is never the same again.

6. Traditions are Gone.  Parents rebuild at the kids’ expense.

7. Different parenting styles.  The disciplinarian versus the lax parent.  One parent is not as good as two.

8. Parenting time and scheduling chaos.  Managing your own medical and dental schedules because parents don’t communicate.

9. School suffers.  Children from broken homes do not do as well in school – not enough time for one parent to make sure homework is done.  Acting out in school?  Yes.

10. Parents speak about ex in a hurtful way.  Remember, the child is ½ you and ½ of spouse.

11. Custody Battles.  No one wins!  Go from two parents to one – no fun.

There are other issues the author discusses and ends with how to move on in a positive way.  It is an easy read and “hits home” in so many respects.  A must read for all!  The book ends with this poem:

 Divorce is a children’s prison;

A sentence with no parole;

We do no crime, but we still get the time;

We’re in the Brigs, in the Slammer, in the Hole.


How will you respond to this sentence?



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