Author(s): Ann Stuursma, Tara Velting

If you are planning a move soon, consider how your children will feel about the move. There are lots of things you can do to help the kids deal with the move.

Get the kids involved. Moving often makes children feel powerless. So get them involved in any decision-making activities that you can. Include kids on the house hunting or at least on the walk—through of the new home you have chosen. This will help you get a practical feel of what the house will be like with the kids in it. lt will also help the kids feel like they are helping to “pick out the house.”

Let the child decorate his new room. Encourage your child to make some decisions about his new room. Where is the best place for the
bed? What color would he like the walls to be’? Create a sense of excitement and involvement in decision—making for your child.

Anticipate the emotional impact for your child. Your child will be leaving his neighborhood, which might be difficult for him. Try giving
your child a treasure box for him to decorate and pack with his favorite things to keep close with him during the move. You can make a picture
memory book with photos of the home and friends and neighborhood. Make sure he feels safe. Most importantly make sure he is safe by
ensuring you are moving to a safe neighborhood. Spend time in the new neighborhood familiarizing your child with his surroundings. Discover your new neighborhood together as a family.

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