Author(s): Ann Stuursma, Tara Velting

Dads for Daughters

With Father’s Day less than a month away, we have been thinking about how dads influence their children but especially their daughters. Most psychologists believe that all future romantic relationships are influenced either in a positive or negative manner by the way a daughter interacts with her father during her “growing up” years.

Psychologist James Dobson (Focus on the Family) in one of his recent articles, lists five components to a father’s responsibility. first: A dad’s leadership should be the model of strength and authority tempered by love and compassion. Harsh discipline damages a sensitive spirit while permissiveness can create confusion and disdain.

Second: A dad should treat her mother with respect and love because it teaches volumes about how men and women should relate to each other. Third: A dad should take his daughter out – just one on one; open doors for her, help her with her chair, and listen carefully as she talks. Later, when she is a teenager she will know what to expect – even insist upon – from the boys she dates.

Fourth: A dad should always look to ways to build his little girl’s confidence and self-image. If he believes that she is special, she too will think so. fifth: A dad should keep communication open throughout childhood and the teen years so he is seen as someone she can trust and turn to when she needs counsel.

Happy Father’s Day to all who are dads – you are truly blessed. For more information.

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