Author(s): Ann Stuursma, Tara Velting

Parents and Grandparents, take note! If your child or grandchild is under 8 years old or shorter than 4’9″, while traveling in vehicles s/he must be in an appropriately – fitted safety seat or booster seat located in the back seat of the vehicle.

Lap and shoulder seat belts are often inappropriate for children who are too big to use a child car seat. A booster seat can reduce the risk of injury for children who are too big for a child car seat, but too small for the adult-sized lap and shoulder seat belt. The Michigan legislature passed this requirement into law, effective on July 1, 2008.

lf your vehicle seats do not have a head rest you may want to use a high-back booster seat. lf your vehicle seats have head rests, consider a booster seat with no back. Booster seats are meant to be used in the back seat with both the lap and shoulder seat belt.

A person who violates this new law is responsible for a civil infraction.

For more information contact the Ladies at Garan Lucow Miller, P.C. 616-742-5500.

Ann M. Stuursma
Tara L. Velting