Law Fax Volume XXVII, No. 2, February 6, 2015

–New Legislation! – Vehicles Excluded From Definition Of Motor Vehicle; Amended Definition Of Owner Of Motor Vehicle
–Law Firm News – Detroit Office of Garan Lucow Miller moving to Crain Communications Headquarters Building in Detroit
–Welcome New Associates to GLM!

Law Fax Volume XXVII, No. 1, January 14, 2015

–A Healthcare Provider Has Standing To Bring A Cause Of Action Against A No-Fault Insurer For PIP Benefits Under The No-Fault Act
–2015 Windy City Seminar will be rescheduled for a later date due to a delay in obtaining CEU credits

Law Fax Volume XXVI, No. 30, December 23, 2014

–Where No Owner Of A Vehicle Maintains PIP Coverage As Required By MCL 500.3101, No Owner May Recover PIP Benefits
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–Happy Holidays From Your Friends At Garan Lucow Miller

Law Fax Volume XXVI, No. 29, December 17, 2014

–The Michigan Supreme Court Interprets The Definition Of “Employee” Under The WDCA, Overturning An En Banc Decision Of The Court Of Appeals, And Potentially Affecting The Interpretation Of “Employee” For Purposes Of Section 3114(3) Of The No Fault Act
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Law Fax Volume XXVI, No. 28, December 12, 2014

–Disability Does Not Toll The One-Year Back Rule
–Court Of Appeals Publishes Its Decision In Bahri v IDS Property Casualty Insurance Company

Law Fax Volume XXVI, No. 27, November 25, 2014

–Court Of Appeals Confirms Assigned Claims Insurer’s Right To Full Reimbursement From Priority Insurer
–Welcome to Garan Lucow Miller | Courtney Krause
–Happy Thanksgiving From Your Friends At GLM

Law Fax Volume XXVI, No. 26, November 13, 2014

–The Michigan Court Of Appeals Reverses Judgment In Favor Of Plaintiff In Analyzing The Negligence Exception To The Michigan Equine Activity Liability Act
–The Phrase “Limits Of Liability Of This Coverage” Refers To The Policy Limit, Not An Insured’s Total Damages

Law Fax Volume XXVI, No. 25, November 5, 2014

–A Non-Resident Relative Who Owns And Registers A Vehicle Listed On A No-Fault Policy, Is A Listed Driver On That Policy, But Is Not A Named Insured Pursuant To The Terms Of The Policy, Is Not Entitled To No-Fault Benefits
–Best Lawyers For 2015! Congratulations To The GLM Attorneys Selected As Best Lawyers For 2015!

Law Fax Volume XXVI, No. 24, October 29, 2014

–The Michigan Supreme Court Finds That Plaintiff Failed To Establish A Serious Impairment Of Body Function
–Garan Lucow Miller proudly congratulates Nathan Dodson, selected as one of the 2014 Up & Coming Lawyers
–Garan Lucow Miller hosting U of M Tailgate | U of M v Indiana | November 1, 2014

Law Fax Volume XXVI, No. 23, October 22, 2014

–Fraud Exclusion In A No-Fault Automobile Policy Bars A Plaintiff’s Entire PIP Claim At The Summary Disposition State Where The Plaintiff Engaged In Fraudulent Conduct In Connection With Her PIP Claim
–Evidence Of An Insurace Policy’s Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Policy Limit Was Not Relevant At Trial, And Was Prejudicial
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–U of M Tailgate | U of M v Indiana | Saturday, November 1, 2014