The Equine Law Practice Group combines the skills of experienced trial and transactional lawyers to provide a full range of equine law services.

For more than fifty years, Garan Lucow Miller, PC has provided its clients with high quality and effective representation before Michigan and federal courts and administrative agencies.

Equine Law is defined as any legal matter that involves horses – such as event, activity, business, organization and facility matters. We assist individual horse owners, equine professionals, veterinarians, insurance companies, equine sponsors or equine related businesses.

We advise in areas such as:

  • Equine related defense of personal injury lawsuits
  • Preparing or reviewing equine-related contracts, such as sales, leases, boarding agreements, training and instruction
  • Equine business planning, including real estate and commercial transactions
  • Representing clients in litigated matters involving both tort issues and contractual disputes
  • Advising on risk management and liability issues