In 1948, Daniel L. Garan, Milton Lucow and Albert A. Miller founded Garan Lucow Miller, P.C. Since that time, the firm has grown from a small office in Detroit, Michigan, to one of the largest in the State of Michigan and in the Great Lakes Region.

With nine offices in the Great Lakes Region, the firm provides quality representation on a personalized basis by maintaining localized offices throughout the region. Each of these offices is managed and staffed by attorneys who are a part of the community in which they practice, also supporting our commitment to personal representation.

While expanding its offices throughout the Great Lakes Region, Garan Lucow Miller has added more areas of practice to the firm. From our original focus on defense, in virtually every area of tort litigation in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio, Garan Lucow Miller has grown into a full service law firm. We can meet your needs from Admiralty, Business Transactions, Commercial Litigation, Criminal Law, Family Law, Probate, Wills and Estates, Real Estate Transactions to Zoning. Please see our Areas of Practice section for more information.

We pledge to advance a sustained commitment to diversity and inclusion, because we believe diversity creates greater trust and confidence in the administration of justice and in the rule of law, and enables us to better serve our clients. Diversity makes us more effective and creative advocates for our clients by bringing different perspectives, experiences, backgrounds, talents, and interests to the practice of law. Diversity encompasses race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion, nationality, language, age, disability, marital status, geographic origin and socioeconomic background. We believe we should all work together to achieve diversity and inclusion, and that actions and strategies designed to achieve and support diversity and inclusion will make us a better organization, better lawyers and better citizens.

Therefore, we promise to continue working with others to achieve diversity and inclusion in the education, hiring, retention, and promotion of our professional and support staff, as well as to ensure the promotion of the Firm’s attorneys to leadership positions within our organization, the judiciary, and the legal profession.